Worldwide, LNBG LLC, creates capable strategic investment protocols for a stronger platform, cleaner portfolio programs, properties and acquisitions.


Portfolio Partners & Companies


Worldwide, LNBG Group is building alliance relationships with global industry leaders to enhance our own innovations and technological development, deliver outstanding financial performance, and build reliable solutions for our affiliates and business partners.


Business Partnerships

LNBG's Partnerships are equity vehicles, managed by LNBG, formed with one or more businesses or investors to collaborate to achieve desired results in specific business sectors.


•  SFBBL AG Trust (Switzerland)







SFBBL Trust AG, offers array of asset management services for any of LNBG, LLC corporate needs. Services Provided: Certificates of Deposit/Currency, Forex, Commodities trading services/Trust Services including individual trusts Escrow services including merchant and commercial accounts/Custodial Safe Keeping Services/SWIFT services/Promissory notes.


Deal and Trade in Medium Term Notes, Standby Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees and other negotiable and marketable securities



Hulet & Associates, P.C. Certified Public Accountant in South Jordan Utah. 32 years as a licensed CPA in California and Utah. Tax  planning for businesses, individuals, estates, and trusts. Hulet and Associates, PC, CPA’s was organized in 1981 and has been serving intermountain west for 32 years. The firm prides itself in providing professional services at a reasonable fee. The firm has had continued growth each year and has a diversified clientele. Professional Affiliations: Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society ; Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society ; California State Board of Accountancy (CPA’s),; American Institute of CPA’s ; California Society of CPA’s ; State of Utah Department of Registration (CPA’s),

Every Season Insurance Services Insurance Agent specializes in life, disability, health, and estate planning and asset protection. Providing coverage for both corporate business and high-net worth individual, key-man, Buy-sell agreements and bonds. Members of Health & Life Underwriters Association. Been in business since 1981. 

Liberty Capital Managment's objective is to build wealth and create liquid capital while securitizing investment capital through insurance-wrapped assets to mitigate and/or eliminate the risk to investors. Our experienced professionals, infrastructure, intellectual capital and worldwide corporate relationships can help you launch a new project, take an existing project to the next level, acquire companies or just become more efficient.  A SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) "ABS Liberty Bond Trust" has been created so that the proposed investment is isolated and not co-mingled with any other business activity.The primary goals and objectives of the Trust are to invest in mortgage-backed securities of which timely payment of principle and interest to the holders is guaranteed by either:
(a) the Government National Mortgage Association ( "Ginnie Mae"),
(b) the Federal National Mortgage Association (" Fannie Mae"), or
(c) the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (" Freddie Mac").
The investment would then be insured and re-insured by an acceptable A or better rated insurance company to yield an acceptable rate of return: ie: (6%) compounded for ten year or 20 year term. At investor's choice the return can be paid quarterly, semi-annually, annually or as a Zero Coupon. The insurers will require a substitution of collateral in order to issue a non-contestable financial guarantee. However, the underlining collateral will be pledged to the investor in case of any insurance failure.

OGPMOperations in petroleum ventures, hard rock mining, placer mining, mineral investments, waste water treatment, alternative energy, R&D, financial investments and philanthropy. In addition “nonprofit” endeavors will include supplying fresh water treatment systems for developing countries, Humanitarian relief and support for UN sanctioned projects, developing food bank support services for religious organizations in the USA and other countries.
The JA Mueller Foundation and Seed foundation will cover all overhead for the charitable works, in which it is involved, to ensure that 100% of the funds donated by corporations and individuals go to the intended cause. In addition, these projects will create over 1,400 jobs in the first year and peak at over 7,500 by the end of the third year. Ninety percent of the jobs created will be professional positions with above average income. These projects and the associated jobs will not only be located in the USA but also in emerging markets in other countries.


Business Affiliates

LNBG's Affiliates are organizations that are wholly or partially owned subsidiaries of LNBG’s Ventures or its Partnerships.


Business Alliances

LNBG Groups allies are organizations with whom LNBG and its Partnerships are joined in an association for their mutual benefit, or to achieve a common purpose, whether or not detailed in an explicit agreement.



Portfolio Companies


LNBG Development (San Juan Capistrano, California)

LNBG development known as Ocean Pointe Villas. Ocean Pointe is undeveloped but ready to build ocean view lots that cover over 55 acres in San Juan Capistrano, California. These lots are in a prime Orange County, California location. The (“Development”) is for luxury single family home development.



S.E.E.D Foundation Partnership for Eco Village (Global)

 LNBG has Partnered with the SEED Foundation (501c3 / non-for-profit) to work in numerous USA area to assist in developing ECO Villages for many different communities. Ecovillages are people-based initiatives to model sustainable, low-impact, human settlements. They are applicable to both rural and urban settings and accessible to all. Eco-villagers utilize green energy technology, ecological building techniques, and human-scale design to reduce exploitation of natural resources, facilitate community self-reliance, and improve quality of life. Medical clinics will be included in the development of each village. These medical clinics can assist in the care management of other local villages.  Locations are presently under a NDA.

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